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Further Details

Prius+ is a car that stands out: a dynamic look combined with countless possibilities.

Prius+ has been purposely engineered to harmonise all aspects of aerodynamics, space and design. While Prius+ inherits and evolves from the styling of Prius, it also boasts a unique rear design to accommodate a large luggage space and a contoured roof with a spoiler. Prius+ is big on space, yet sports a silhouette that is both eye-catching and streamlined for optimum fuel efficiency.

Driving is an integral part of our busy daily lives: What if there was a car that made every journey easier and more enjoyable?

Where will you drive today: to the school, the office and then home through the rush hour? Another busy day on inevitably congested roads. Now imagine the smooth, silent experience of hybrid drive, and the positive effect it has on those inside the car, leaving everyone feeling relaxed. That might just make you fall in love with driving again.