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Further Details

The new Nissan LEAF – technology; evolved

The new 2018 LEAF has evolved inside and out to go everywhere, further, with everything you need to make this the most exciting and eco-friendly drive ever, from Nissan. It offers a more connected experience in an electric car that does simple things, amazingly. At the heart of this is Nissan’s vision for true Intelligent Mobility, part of their ambition to move people to a better, cleaner world of driving: that means intelligent driving, power and integration and zero emissions. With an estimated driving range of 177 miles the LEAF is ideal for Jersey roads but also presents an electric car you can take off Island with confidence. There is no compromise on power and the Electric Powertrain provides a sporty feel with responsive acceleration which means the switch to electric has never made more sense.

A futuristic design with aerodynamics and high performance features throughout, the Nissan LEAF 2.ZERO delivers a vehicle as visually appealing as it is energy-efficient, powerful and safe.

Plus 7Kw FREE Home Charge Unit.